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Men of Faith

"All men" are men (and women.)  Men of Faith is written as a companion Bible study to Women of Faith.  Like Women of Faith, Men of Faith uses the letters of the apostle Paul, found in the New Testament from Romans through Philemon, for the study.  Paul's letters contain the only information in the Bible that applies to today's believers.  This Bible study will "rightly divide" the scriptures into what applied in the past, what applies today, and what will apply in the future.

Women of Faith studied how God wanted believing women to serve Him.  Men of Faith studies the same for believing men.  The discovery that you will make in this study is that many times, believing "men" in the Bible include the women!  Be prepared to be surprised at how many things which have been applied to "men only" are actually things for "all men," meaning all men and women.

Doing an effective Bible study usually gives the student some surprises and encouraages further study.  I hope this Bible study is enjoyable as well as informative.

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