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Is the Lords Prayer, Our PrayerDerek Conklin 06/16/24
How the Christians Stole Pentecost part 1Karen Conklin 06/09/24
Simple Answers part 2Karen Conklin 06/02/24
Simple Answers part 1Karen Conklin 05/26/24
2 Verse Answers part 2Karen Conklin 05/19/24
2 Verse AnswersKaren Conklin 05/12/24
Philistines, Anti-Semitism & Paradise Pt 2 (cut short)Derek Conklin 05/05/24
Paradise part 1Karen Conklin 04/28/24
More of the Story of Easter part 3Karen Conklin 04/21/24
More of the Story of Easter part 2Karen Conklin 04/14/24
More of the Story of EasterKaren Conklin 04/07/24
Easter Karen Conklin 03/31/24
Palm SundayKaren Conklin 03/24/24
Paul's Mysteries DerekDerek Conklin 03/17/24
The Pauline Church 2 Karen Conklin 03/10/24
The Pauline ChurchKaren Conklin 03/03/24
Should We Observe LentKaren Conklin 02/25/24
Ashes to Ashes Karen Conklin 02/18/24
Do We Have to Tithe? part 2Karen Conklin 02/11/24
Do We Have to Tithe?Karen Conklin 02/04/24
God Wants all Men to be SavedKaren Conklin 01/28/24
Are You a Saint?Karen Conklin 01/21/24
Epiphany part 2 and Do We Need to Repent? part 2Karen Conklin 01/14/24
EpiphanyKaren Conklin 01/07/24
Do We Need to Repent?Karen Conklin 12/31/23
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