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This Bible study looks into what the Bible says about the death of believers and unbelievers in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Believers are promised that as soon as they leave their earthly bodies, they are instantly with the Lord.  Unbelievers descend into murky deeps.  Believers are promised an

eternity in Christ with believing friends and family members, in immortal bodies that

never get sick or feel pain.  Unbelievers will spend an eternity alone, without friends or family, and without God.


Believers have a certain hope that the Lord

Jesus Christ will meet them in the clouds and they will forever be with Him.  If they die

before the Lord comes, they will be with Him sooner!  Win-win situation.


When you know what the Bible says about death, you are empowered to help answer questions from unbelieving family and friends, so you can spend eternity with them.

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