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The Prince That Shall Come

The end of the world!  Few topics are as interesting and scary as how the world will come to an end.  Countless books and movies have been made to show the end of life as we know it, as the result of man's stupidity or nature's eventual triumph over man with an asteroid or a virus.

Bible students know exactly what will happen.  God will pour out his wrath on the earth for 7 years.  After those 7 years, Jesus Christ will come riding on a white horse to do battle, single-handedly, against ALL the forces of evil in the world and, of course, He will win!  After than, Jesus will set up His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

This Bible study discusses the timeline stretching from today until the time Christ sets up His Kingdom.  That time period includes:  the rapture of the church, catastrophic disasters to the earth, the appearance of the antichrist, his death, the mark of the beast, and final, the victory of God over all of the forces of evil in the world.

The reader of this study will find out how to avoid all of the horrors of the end of the world.

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