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What the Bible Says about Heaven
What the Bible Says about Angels

This Bible study is two studies in one.  The topics of heaven and angels are so interrelated that it is impossible to study one without studying the other!  Heaven is where we all hope to spend eternity.  Angels are there right now. 


The Bible tells us that we believers’ conversation is in heaven; and we should be looking to heaven for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ to appear at any moment.  When He does, He will give us immortal bodies and we will return to heaven with Him for eternity.


Most of us know very little about what the Bible says about heaven.  We may picture ourselves wearing white robes, having wings like angels, and playing a harp—all while standing on a cloud.  That is not supported by Biblical accounts.


I hope that this study will help you understand more about what we believers will see and do when we get to heaven.  Until then, as members of Christ’s body, we are to comfort and edify each other until our Savior comes to take us home.

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